Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Getting ready for an interview

Rodders came upstairs with me while I had a shower and ate a kong full of kibble before deciding to chew the bath mat. He was very happy when I came out the shower and was squeaking from the minute I switched the water off, he does like to come in for a quick drink out the shower tray.

OH called for a chat and to let me know that he would probably be here before I got back. I wonder how Rodders will react to that! He also mentioned that he had to scrape the ice off his car this morning. I was sitting here all smug saying "we don't have a frost" as the grass wasn't crunchy under Rodder's feet and then I looked out the front. The cars are all covered in a thick frost :-(

He wasn't as well behaved as normal while I dried my hair today. He usually sits beside or behind me but today he was trying to climb on my knee and steal tissues out of my dressing gown pocket. I did stop what I was doing a couple of times so that I could give him a fuss, it is impossible to resist this gorgeous puppy!

He stayed on the bed while I got dressed and seemed to know that something wasn't right by the clothes I was putting on, no jeans and jumpers today. Once back downstairs I let him out in to the garden for a piddle before sitting him down to tell him that I was going out and he needed to go in his bed. I locked the door, put on my coat and got his treats. Once he knew that there were treats on offer he did climb in to his bed by himself. I locked the crate and said goodbye, not a peep from him.

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