Monday, 5 December 2011

Out for a couple of hours

I needed to go to the job centre this morning for 9am so I was washed and dressed fairly early. Rodders was up in the bedroom with me but disappeared downstairs with one of my slippers. He came back up but didn't want to come back down when I was ready. I was tapping the step below him with my hands and he same down a step at a time tapping me back! It worked and got him downstairs.

Rodders wasn't too happy about having to go in his bed but did climb in once he spotted treats. I shut him in his crate and walked away to silence.

I went to the job centre and then in to town to do some shopping and was out for over two hours. Just as I parked up outside I could see the postie at my door so I expected Rodders to be barking but he didn't make a sound until he saw me walk in to the lounge.

Whenever he has been left he is desperate for a fuss and wants up for a snuggle and makes all sorts of squeaky noises. He won't leave your side for about 10 minutes. He will then go off and play or ask to go in the garden.

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