Friday, 16 December 2011

Getting better

Over the course of the day Rodders was improving and I found him sitting in his toy box at one point! The length of time he was playing was getting longer and the sleeping was getting shorter so it is obvious that he is feeling better. A combination of the treatment by the vet, chicken and rice and drinking probably.

My only concerning moment was when he dragged his teddy across the floor and then whimpered as he let him go. He just sat there and looked at me so I called him over and brought him up on to my lap. As soon as he fell asleep I popped him back on his bed pad.

One of my friends called in for a cuppa and to drop some goodies off for me. When the doorbell went Rodders didn't move off the bed pad. She came in and crouched down on the floor and miraculously Rodders got up and crept towards her and let her fuss him. As I made a cuppa for us both he was quite happy wandering between us and when we settled down for a natter he just wanted to chew her shoe laces! I managed to distract him with some toys for a while but then he went back to the laces so we had to try again with another toy, this was a bit more successful.

All too soon it was time for her to go and Rodders came to the door to say goodbye.

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