Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Happy to be home

At 8.30am I heard from OH which woke up both Rodders and I! Although it is lovely to be away with family and loved ones there is nothing quite like your own bed.

I came down and, after a quick fuss, Rodders wanted in to the garden. He was out there ages and seemed to be digging up near the tree. I went to investigate once my tea was made and I had got his breakfast ready. He had his nose in a hole that was now cup sized. I lifted his head out and at the bottom was a huge piece of bacon rind that he was happily licking. Mean Mum that I am I had to take it off him and throw it away. He followed me back in and was happy to have his breakfast as a substitute.

He then wanted in to the garden again for a poo but didn't stay out there too long. When he came in he had a quick play with his new duck and then barked to go upstairs, when I wouldn't let him he sat chewing my slippers. After a little while he wanted up on the sofa so I put a snuggle fleece beside me and he was happy sleeping there until I went up for a shower.

He went straight up the stairs and in to the bedroom to see if OH was hiding there and then happy followed me in to the bathroom. He lay on the bath mat while I showered and then wanted out in the garden as soon as we came back downstairs.

I was watching him from the kitchen window as I made a cuppa, he just sat on the patio surveying his garden. He stayed out there for about 10 minutes and has come back in for a play with his toys.

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