Friday, 16 December 2011

After the vet

Rodders spent most of the day asleep on his bed pad or snuggle fleece, getting up to play for a little while and then having another snooze. When I went upstairs for anything he didn't want to come with me so I know that he isn't right. He didn't even react to the doorbell and he hasn't wanted to go out in to the garden for very long, just did what he had to do and then came back in.

Gradually he started to improve and when I made a cuppa I threw some kibble on the floor which he happily chased and ate.

I had chicken out on the side defrosting and I made him some rice. By about 2pm he was asking for something to eat so I had to try and cool the cooked rice down quickly by spreading it out on a big plate. Once cool it was mixed with the chicken and sprinkled some of the rehydrating salts on it and I put it down for him. He wolfed it down.

I mixed the rest of the rehydrating salts with water and swapped it for the plain water in his bowl. He has started to drink this too.

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