Tuesday, 27 December 2011

More excitement and we are going home

Rodders was happy snoozing on his bed pad in the study but when we went through to the kitchen for lunch he followed us through and fell asleep on snuggle fleece. Once we were finished lunch it was time for his. I think he ate it because it was there, rather than because he was hungry.

We then went out in to the garden and he had a piddle and a run around before running around chasing sticks and twigs that he found.

Once we were back inside he was happy to play fetch with his toys for a little while before snoozing on his bed pad until Pete & Ailie got home. He was so fast asleep he didn't even hear the door go and they were inside before he noticed. From then on he wouldn't rest at all and was chasing about playing or following people to see what they were up to.

I left him to it and started to pack the car ready to come home. There seems to be so much with presents, clothes and puppy stuff that I did it in three stages.

We were out in to the garden for ages while I was chatting on the phone to my bestest friend. She called yesterday but didn't think I sounded very happy so rang again today to find out what was up. While we talked Rodders was running about like a lunatic, pouncing on my feet and then running away again or playing with sticks and twigs.

After he had his tea I packed the last few bits in to the car and then it was time to say goodbye to everyone and pop Rodders in to his car crate. He didn't make a sound all the way home and seemed to know where he was the minute I let him out, even though we parked at the opposite end to normal.

He wanted straight out in to the garden for a run about and a piddle and then cried to be let upstairs so that he could see if OH was hiding up there. Once he settled I left him in the lounge while I started to empty the car but he was barking so I have only done one large load.

As soon as I made a cuppa and settled on the sofa he was happy to snooze on his bed pad and I woke him when I went to make another cuppa. As he was awake I gave him his supper. As soon as he had finished his supper he was asleep again and that is where he stayed until bedtime. I fell asleep on the sofa too so It was 11.30pm before we went to bed. Rodders went out in to the garden for a piddle quite happily but then seemed to be a bit confused about where to go to bed. He stood at the end of the dresser and just looked at me when I said "in your bed" so I picked him up and put his front feet in his crate. He was happy to climb in and curl up once he realised. Maybe he is muddled up as he has spent the last three nights in his car crate.

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