Friday, 16 December 2011

A celebration!

To say congratulations on getting the new job and Happy Christmas OH wanted to take me out for dinner to our favourite restaurant to celebrate. Having heard how awful I sounded on the phone he wasn't sure if this was going to happen.

Once he came in and saw that I was feeling better he nipped out to the car for a change of clothes. Rodders was distraught at being left inside as OH hadn't said goodbye to him and he sat at the door barking and whinging. As soon as I spotted that OH was back in the garden and the gate was shut I let him Rodders out  and he was so happy to be chasing OH up the path.

The ironing people called in to collect my ironing and wanted to see Rodders so I brought him to the door for a fuss, he also had a sneaky bark at someone passing by.

We both went upstairs to get changed and Rodders realised that we were probably going out and leaving him behind. Once back downstairs he did come out in to the garden for a piddle and then came back in and was encouraged in to his crate with some treats.

I drove us down to the restaurant and we had a lovely meal with a bottle of wine before getting a cab back. It was so nice to see Alberto again, he always looks after us.

As the cab dropped us back home and we were walking up the path we could hear Rodeders barking. We got inside and let him out of the crate and he was desperate to get out in to the garden for a piddle.

I made a cuppa and then left Rodders and OH downstairs playing while I went to sort out the Christmas presents. Rodders ate more of his chicken and rice and had another drink. OH also gave his beard a wash, all this chicken and rice had made it a bit sticky. OH and I then had to make the bed and Rodders came up to help.

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