Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A better day

OH got up with Rodders this morning so I got a bit of a lie in. He sent Rodders up to wake me just before 6.30am and I came down for my cuppa and to give Rodders his breakfast. I then threw on my dog walking clothes just before OH left for work. Rodders didn't go out to the gate to say goodbye to OH this morning, he stood and watched from the patio until he heard the car go.

It is wet and miserable this morning so our walk was mainly on the roads on the estate with a short time on the very muddy and soggy rugby field.

I then had to wash and change for work. Rodders is such a good puppy but he doesn't understand why I am not giving him any treats and so he wouldn't walk in to his crate as normal and I had to lift him in. He still didn't make a sound.

At lunchtime I managed to get home, give Rodders a fuss, get him outside in the garden for a piddle, give him his lunch, make a cuppa and some toast for me, poop scoop the garden, give OH an update, play fetch with Rodders and put him back in his crate to be back at work in 45 minutes!

Tonight when I got home Rodders was more like his usual self and started to bark when he saw me. After a very quick fuss he wanted in to the garden for a long piddle and then went in to the kitchen to bark for his tea! After he had eaten and we had played for a little I went up to change and Rodders was running off with slippers and stealing socks from the laundry. OH called on his way to his hotel for the night and was pleased to hear that Rodders is feeling better and getting in to mischief.

I ate my tea while Rodders played on his own with his toys and then tried to keep him occupied as he kept going in to the kitchen and barking for food. When toys didn't seem to be working and he didn't want to be up on my knee or in the garden I put on my coat and his lead and we went out for a tramp around the streets for a little while.

I gave Rodders his supper at 8.30pm and after a trip to the garden he was happy to settle down next to me on the sofa. He wasn't too fussed when OH face timed us to say goodnight, after a quick listen and a glance he settled back down to sleep! It won't be too long before we go to bed.

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