Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tuesday morning

Rodders and I spent Tuesday morning mooching about, me having a shower & drying my hair and packing for our next adventure.

Rodders spent a lot of time in the garden but we also found the time to go for a walk round the neighbourhood and rugby field - we gave the Nicky Line a miss as it seems very muddy at the moment.

For once I found the need to have a cooked breakfast, not sure if it is because the weather has turned colder  or just because I was hungry!

Rodders ate most of his lunch, amazing what an added bit of chicken can do to the taste of kibble!

I also gave Rodders a good comb through and sorted out his gunky eye and dirty bottom. He wasn't very impressed and was trying to bite me a little so he earnt a telling off.

While I packed the car Rodders stayed by the door of the lounge and only barked once. It doesn't matter if I have been away for two minutes or two hours, I still get an amazing greeting from him.

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