Monday, 5 December 2011

A short nap and lots of play

Rodders started to play as soon as we got back home and soon wanted in to the garden.

I made myself something to eat and was keeping an eye on him. He played with the stones and seems to be fascinated with the drain. At one point I lost sight of him and I was just getting concerned when he came back out from behind the tree.

Once he came back in he was happy to come and have a lie down with me for a short while but soon wanted to be up and playing again.

He has spent most of the afternoon in the garden playing so I joined him a couple of times to poop scoop and to chat with Pat next door to see how Bob is.

OH rang to say that he was on his way home. Yippee an early day, we don't get too many of these and I am sure Rodders will be very happy to see his play mate!

I did manage to comb Rodders through and de-gunk his eyes. He wasn't very impressed and had to be told off a couple of times.

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