Wednesday, 7 December 2011

An exciting morning!

As soon as Rodders woke OH took him straight out for a piddle and a poo. By the time he came in I was in the bathroom getting ready so that I could keep Rodders amused while OH got showered and dressed.

Before we went to breakfast we packed and put the first load in the car. Rodders also had his breakfast before we went.

We sat at the same table as last night for breakfast and there was more staff for Rodders to meet. He did bark a couple of times as people came in but did settle back down fairly quickly.

After breakfast we went back to the hotel and I took Rodders in to the garden while OH paid the bill. Rodders was happy running about until he heard someone and he started to bark. We went to investigate who it was and found Sharon the Head Housekeeper. After saying good morning to Sharon Rodders and I came back in and helped OH pack the last of the luggage in to the cars and said goodbye as OH headed off to work.

Rodders and I had a snuggle on the floor for a while and got a knock on the door. It was the rest of housekeeping coming to meet Rodders! Then Sue spotted him and came for a cuddle! He really is a popular boy!

We left the hotel about 9.30am and headed to Winchester as there is a Christmas Market there. We used the Park and Ride so Rodders got to go on a bus for the first time. He was so good and sat or lay at my feet. Once in Winchester we found a farmers market and had a wander around there before heading off to the Christmas Market at the Cathedral. It was really good and we ambled around once to have a look at all the stalls, then stopped so I could have a drink at one of the outside stalls, and then back round again so I could buy a few Christmas presents. Lots of people stopped to talk to Rodders and to fuss him and he really is getting so much better. He also kept to my heels and sat and waited while I looked at things.

I did take a phone call from an employment agency while we were here. They have a two month temp job in Hemel and wondered if I was interested. I said yes and they told me who it was, someone that has already declined to interview me for a Credit Manager's job as I am too experienced :-( We will wait and see if anything comes of this.

We came back through the farmers market and made a couple of purchases before heading back to the bus stop. On route we came across another miniature schnauzer so we stopped to say hello. As I was chatting to the owners the dogs were having a great time playing and barking at each other.

We parted company and then had to wait ten minutes for the bus. Rodders sat most of the time and again people were stopping to talk to him. We got so many complements in the last 24 hours I may need to enlarge the doors at home!

By this stage Rodders was getting very tired so when the bus arrived he had to be picked up to get on and then wanted up on my knee. He did bark at a couple of people as they got on or off the bus but was generally very good.

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