Friday, 9 December 2011

OH pops in

OH popped in for a cuppa and a quick snuggle with Rodders to break up his journey home.

Rodders was fast asleep on his bed pad and didn't hear anything until OH was almost in the door. He ran off towards the conservatory barking but stopped and started squeaking as soon as he realised who it was. He adores OH and was jumping up to be lifted for a snuggle. OH obliged and Rodders was soon giving him a quick wash and snuggling in to his beard.

I made a cuppa and we all went through to the conservatory where Rodders was happy to be up on OH's chest for a while. He then wanted down for a little while before coming to sit on me.

OH went up to use the bathroom and Rodders couldn't wait to get off my knee and run after him. When they came back down it was time for OH to go. Rodders was rooting around the back of the rolled up carpet so OH went to check why. One half chewed carrot top! He made Rodders sit and wait before he gave it him back.

As Rodders had the carrot he didn't seem too bothered that OH disappeared out the door. Five minutes later when he realised he wasn't coming back he asked to go out and went straight to the gate to check before coming back to the grass for a piddle and back in the house.

He has had a mad few minutes running up and down playing and has given Teddy a seeing too but has now come to sit on his bed pad.

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