Thursday, 15 December 2011

More park and ride

When Rodders and I went to Winchester Christmas Market last week we spotted that some stalls were going to change over as of last Thursday so we decided to go and have another look.

We used the park and ride again, this time he sat or lay on the floor near my feet on the way in to town and barked a few times. I also spotted a man taking his photo, he is very popular today!

He walked quite nicely up to the market  although we had to stop while he had a poo and clear that up. He is good though he did it right by a bin! As we walked around the market lots of people stopped to talk to him and one toddler, who has a labrador at home, got right up to him to give him a pat. Rodders did sit down behind me while this was happening but he didn't try to escape which was brilliant as he doesn't get to see many children, especially little ones.

I bought quite a lot and ended up with several bags and it would appear that Rodders isn't very keen on me carrying shopping. He didn't walk so well on the lead on the way back but I had my hands full and there was little I could do to correct him, it was more a case of avoiding other people and making sure he didn't trip anyone up.

While we were stood waiting for the bus back he was attracting a lot of attention and several people stopped to talk to him. He was very good but did get spooked by one little boy that ran at him. The bus shelter stopped him from being able to get too far away and the little boy was gentle. On the bus on the way back he wanted up on my knee and went straight to sleep.

Ince back at the car he went in to his crate without a sound for the journey home. He wasn't even bothered when the phone rang and I had a chat with OH.

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