Monday, 19 December 2011

Afternoon shift

I managed to concentrate on work for the afternoon and IT came up to sort out my computer. I managed to start finding my way around it on my own so it can't be too hard!

Looking at some of the spreadsheets they use I think there will need to be some basic macro's and look up tables done to make life easier.

It was soon 5pm and time to go home. As soon as I walked in the door Rodders started barking and I let him out the crate for a quick fuss and then we both went out in to the garden. To say he was desperate for a piddle is an understatement! I didn't think he was ever going to stop.

Once back inside he just wanted up for a snuggle and wouldn't stop licking me and nestling in to me. He didn't want to play or anything. Eventually he was happy to go down and  started to sniff his bowl so I made his supper. After he had eaten a little he asked to go in the garden and then wanted to play.

Pat next door rang the bell to drop off a delivery and said that they didn't hear him at all today but he did howl when we went out last Thursday.

OH called to say he is on his way home but it could be a while as the traffic is awful and he needs to pick up an ebay purchase on route. I just need to know when he is 30 minutes from home so that I can prepare dinner!

Rodders has been running about playing and getting up to mischief, stopping briefly for a drink and a bit more supper. He did also try to get at one of the Christmas Tree ornaments but did stop when asked. He has also been upstairs with me when I went to get changed and was trying to bite the trousers I took off and the trackie bottoms I out on before running off with a slipper!

He is now in his toy box playing!

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