Sunday, 4 December 2011

Dressed, breakfast, walk

When I went up to get washed and dressed I took the Kong with the last of the breakfast kibble in it but Rodders wasn't very interested and didn't eat much of it. He was still very good and did let me get washed and dressed in relative peace.

Once back downstairs I made a cuppa and some toast while Rodders had a play in the garden. Once he was ready to come back in we went for a walk up to the Nicky Line and the rugby field. On route OH called and I had a quick chat with him until having to hang up as we were approaching a Red Setter that Rodders like to try and play with. Unfortunately Sazzy doesn't feel the same and she always tried to run away!

While we were on the Nicky Line a chap was having problems getting his Golden Retriever back and was trying everything from whistling, calling, shaking the lead and hiding. Rodders would have gone to him if he hadn't been on the lead but his own dog was paying no attention at all. Wonder if that will be me in time to come!

As soon as we were back Rodders was happy to settle down on his bed pad for another snooze.

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