Sunday, 4 December 2011

Oh dear!

Rodders played in the garden for ages this afternoon and I stood in the conservatory watching him for a while. He was having a high old time chasing the stones he has taken from the end of the patio and running about playing under the tree. He has also realised that there are stones at the other end of the patio.

At one point he was stood barking at the glider seat on the patio so I had to go an find out why, he had managed to get one of his stones stuck under there. I retrieved that and put it and all other stones from the grass and patio back much to his disgust.

We also played fetch with his ball and he kept bringing it back and putting it under one of the chairs and barking for me to get it out so that he could jump all over me.

And then I got a thumping headache and lay down on the sofa :-( Rodders wanted to come up and the two of us slept there for over an hour. I feel much better now though, good job as Rodders is now feeling playful.

Rodders can now reach things on the dining chairs and got my slippers down all by himself. Soon nothing will be out of his reach!

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