Sunday, 4 December 2011

What a funny puppy!

I was cream crackered last night so at 10.30 I took Rodders out for a final piddle. It now seems to be the norm to sit on the grass for a few minutes before going for a piddle but I suppose that is OK if you have been woken up and taken out in to the cold.

Once back in Rodders sat on snuggle fleece while I locked up, switched out lights and got his treats ready and then climbed in to the crate and then his bed. I locked him in and said goodnight.

At about 5.15am he started his whingy noises and I rolled over and went back to sleep.  At 6.40am he was barking a little but not desperate or continually so I left him a little longer and came downstairs at 6.45am. He came out of his crate for a fuss and then ran straight upstairs to check all the bedrooms. I followed him up and he was just checking if OH was in our bed. He was then happy to follow me downstairs and went in to the garden.

I thought he would be desperate for a piddle but he went straight to the drain and was trying to reach something in there, nothing would encourage him away. By this stage I was convinced that he must have wet his bed or had a piddle upstairs so went to check, no, nothing anywhere.

He eventually asked to come in and has been running about playing with his toys and asked to come up for a snuggle. Bur he is a bundle of energy and soon wanted down. I started to unpack his bag from yesterday and he heard his food bag and started to bark so I sorted out his breakfast. He ate half of it and then asked to go in to the garden for a poo and a sniff about and his just come back in to grab a drink and eat some more before dashing off to play in the conservatory.

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