Saturday, 3 December 2011

A day in London

The plan was to meet at my niece Louise's flat in Shepherds Bush where Pete, Ailie's boyfriend, was going to look after Rodders. We had already heard that Ailie was poorly and that Pete had been dispatched to the shops for some Imodium before he headed over to meet us.

It was quite an easy drive in to London and we found a free parking spot quite close by. Rodders walked really nicely to Louise's and managed up three flights of stairs without too much bother. Louise told us that Ailie was on her way with Pete, brave girl, not sure I would fancy the tube with a dodgy tummy.

Louise was out of milk so I carried Rodders downstairs and we all walked to the local supermarket for some. Rodders and I had to stay outside and I got him to go down and stood over him like we do at training school. He was so good, we were there for about 15 minutes and he only moved when a man approached him. Rodders tried to get behind me but did go back in to a sit between my legs. This man did seem to know about dogs and he spent about 5 minutes gently talking to both Rodders and I and did manage to fuss him. Rodders wasn't so impressed when a local drinker (the alcohol fumes would have knocked you out and it was only 10.30am) stopped to talk to him!

We walked back to Louise's and he climbed the stairs again. Ailie and Peter arrived as we were drinking tea. I had got a couple of toys out for Rodders to play with to try and stop him from chewing the Reindeer Rug. We all sat about chatting and decided that Pete would join us for lunch so he and Rodders went off to my car to bring back the crate. Once they returned, and Rodders had climbed the stairs again, I made sure that Pete knew what Rodders could and couldn't do and we went off to Westfield shopping.

Poor Ailie really wasn't well and kept going very pale over the day, how she managed to shop at all is beyond me. I think we now know where all the loo's are in the shopping centre though. Even at lunchtime she could only manage water.

When Pete joined us for lunch he said that Rodders had slept for most of the morning but he was planning a trip to the park for the afternoon.

After lunch we hit the shops again and Sue finished her Christmas shopping and I made a start on mine. It wasn't our most successful shopping trip! We wandered around for hours and the girls tried on a fair bit but just not the right bits!

We walked back to Louise's and Rodders was very pleased to see me. The report from Pete is that he has been really good but I am not sure that he would tell me if he hadn't!

I nipped off to get the car, much to Rodders disgust, and then said goodbye to everyone before heading downstairs with Rodders. Lucky me, Pete carried the crate and Sue carried my shopping!

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