Saturday, 3 December 2011

An early start again

My sister and I sat watching Peter Kay night on channel 4 until almost 11.30pm so it was a late night, Rodders spent most of the evening asleep on his bed pad. Rodders wasn't impressed when we went out to the garden for a final piddle as it was chucking it down with rain and, rather than getting on with it, the silly puppy sat on the grass for ages. After about 5 minutes he tried to head back indoors but came back and had a piddle when I asked him to.

When we came in he sat on snuggle fleece waiting for me to lock up, switch out lights and get his treats ready and needed a bit of encouragement to get in to his bed.

I first heard him barking at 5.45am and left him for a few minutes but he wasn't settling so I got up and came down to let him out. Rather than try to put him back in his crate and risk disturbing my sister I let him up on the sofa and the pair of us slept until 7.30am when we heard Sue in the bathroom.

He seemed to know that there was something going on this morning and wouldn't eat his breakfast. I managed to get washed and dressed, pack Rodders a bag of treats, food, toys, towel and bowl and be ready to leave in an hour. Good job my sister can look after herself and helped herself to breakfast!

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