Friday, 2 December 2011

Home from puppy school

We got back from puppy school and sorted out the freezer, as expected some of the stuff in the freezer box had started to defrost so I stuck them in a bin bag to go to the tip later. Rodders was happy wandering about the passage most of the time but did ask to go out in the garden for a while.

Once that job was done I made something to eat and got Rodders his lunch. He only ate half of it and then went to lay down for a snooze so I took the opportunity to put him in his bed with some treats and nipped to the tip and Tesco.

I timed it very badly and had to queue at the tip while they swapped skips so that took almost half an hour. Luckily I only needed three things in Tesco so I was only out for just over an hour in total.

Rodders was quiet when I left and quiet when I arrived home. As I let him out of the crate he wanted up for a fuss, OH rang just at that moment and could hear him squeaking down the phone.

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