Friday, 2 December 2011

My big sis

Once Rodders calmed down he went and lay on his bed pad for a snooze which enabled me to potter about and tidy up a bit before my big sister arrived for the night - we are off out with my nieces tomorrow for our annual Christmas Shopping trip.

When Sue arrived and rang the door bell Rodders barked but didn't bother to move off the bed pad until she was actually in the door when he came to the end of the sofa and peeked around then end. Rodders barked and barked at her, and it has taken about three hours for him to be confident enough to go anywhere near her. When he did it was to try and chew her slipper or to bite her cardigan!

He settled back down for a snooze and only really became active for about an hour and a half. In that time we played tug and he played fetch with his ball, played in the conservatory with his toys on his own and has been out to the garden for a piddle and a play. He did go in to the kitchen and bark for his dinner and actually ate almost all of it in one sitting.

When we sat down for dinner he settled down on snuggle fleece at my feet.

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