Thursday, 1 December 2011

The lady that does

When Skevi arrived this evening I was just combing Rodders through and he wasn't happy about it. As she and I chatted he settled down and let me finish him off so no more tangles and no more gunky eyes :-)

Once Skevi started work Rodders was happy to follow her about barking at the mop and swiffer, he is getting so much more confident with her. She talks to him like she talks to her little one but I think she is a little un-nerved by the barking.

As she tidied up his toys to clean the conservatory Rodders was darting around but didn't take them like he does when I tidy them up. He wasn't sure what to make of her moving the furniture either!

While she was upstairs I started to cook dinner and Rodders brought his ball to me so, in amongst chopping and stirring, I was stopping to throw his ball for him.

As OH called I kicked Rodders' ball and in bounced off the wall and straight in to his bowl on top of his kibble, bet I couldn't so that again if I tried! He was very confused by it and didn't even try to lift it out.

I am still working on the freezer but it is taking a while to defrost. I had hoped to get everything back in it before bed, this may be optimistic!

I had a bit of a battle trying to get the worm & flea treatment on Rodders this evening but it is done for another month. I will need to get him weighed at the vets as I think he will need the bigger dosage next month. They are happy to swap it out for free so that is OK.

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