Thursday, 1 December 2011


After Skevi left Rodders came upstairs to the bathroom with me and ate the rest of his breakfast (!) from his Kong, so that is two meals he has eaten today.

He is obviously tired as he couldn't be bothered to walk down the stairs and had to be encouraged down step by step. Once back in the lounge he collapsed on his new bed pad for a snooze. He had only been asleep a short time when Kev called in for a natter. Rodders barked when the door went and came as far as the end of the sofa to see who it was and he barked again when Kev came in the door.

As Kev and I sat at the Dining Table Rodders wasn't sure if he wanted to sit by me or on his bed pad. I threw out some treats in the space between Kev and I to see if Rodders would approach him, it would seem he will do anything for treats! Once he had eaten the treats he retreated to his bed pad until Kev was going when he stood at the end of the sofa to watch him go!

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