Friday, 2 December 2011

Sleepy Rodders

If I remember rightly Rodders was a little out of sorts after the flea and worm treatment last month and it would appear that he is the same again this month.

He really doesn't want to move off the bed pad much. He has followed me through while I check how the freezer is doing (have now managed to get the middle door out so we are getting somewhere) and he has been upstairs to the bathroom but couldn't be bothered to walk back down.

It has worked out quite well as I wanted to listen to Chris Evans this morning as he has Gareth Malone and 20 Ladies from the Military Wives Choir on there. I have watched every Choir series that Gareth has done but this one has probably been the most emotional and I really hope that they get to No 1 for Christmas. I have pre-ordered several copies as stocking fillers!

OH rang to check that I was listening and to see how Rodders was, I think he might have asked if I was OK too!

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