Friday, 2 December 2011

Another reasonable night

At 11pm last night I woke Rodders up to go out in to the garden for a piddle. He wanted to come straight back in  but I made him stay out until he had performed as required. He then came back in and went straight to bed.

I locked up, switched off lights and got his treats, locked the crate and said goodnight.

Not a peep until 5.11am this morning. I came down, let him out in to the garden for a piddle and then told him it was bed time and out him back in his bed with a treat. As I climbed back in to bed there was one whinge and I thought I had cracked it. Five minutes later there was some whingy barking for a few minutes and then he settled back down until 6.48am when he wanted out for a poo.

Once he was back in he spotted two of his snuggle fleeces on the radiator drying, they had been there since last night when they came out the washing machine and he hadn't even noticed! He has dragged one off the radiator but the other is still there, for now!

I have checked the freezer and it still isn't defrosted so I have put more hot water in there to help the process and will check it again in an hour.

Rodders then started dancing about the kitchen so I got his breakfast, he had two mouthfuls and then came away. He wanted up for a fuss and fell asleep on my knee so I have transferred him to his new bed pad on the floor.

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