Thursday, 1 December 2011

A slow start but a busy morning!

After OH left for work Rodders had a nap while I caught up with the blog. It was then time to get washed and dressed and he wasn't too interested in the kibble filled Kong but was quite happy to wander about with slippers in his mouth instead, he doesn't seem to mind if it is mine or OH's. It kept him quiet and gave me time to do things!

I then sorted out the front bedroom and changed it from a twin room back to a single room, put out fresh towels in the bathroom and brought the dirty ones down to put in the machine, put liver treats in the oven and then went out and cleared up leaves. Rodders helped (!) with the last activity.

After a rest and some breakfast it was time to empty the freezer in to the cool box and throw away anything that was past it's best and switch it off to defrost. I threw a chunk of ice at Rodders who was playing in the passage, he had a lot of fun chasing it about, picking it up and then dropping it to bat about with his paws.

Once we were back in the kitchen I emptied and filled the washing machine and he went for a play in the conservatory before asking to go out. He was investigating under the tree until he heard a noise in the garages and started barking. When he didn't let up I went to see what was wrong just as Pat next door came in the back gate. We stopped for a chat, apparently Bob has been inside all week with a hacking cough and is feeling quite rough. She said hello to Rodders and I lifted him up for a fuss over the fence. They did hear him one night this week but thought that Bob's coughing had disturbed him.

We stayed out and poop scooped the garden and Rodders was trying to bite the bag so got a firm no. He tried again and then tried to jump away he caught his leg on the trowel, after that he kept his distance. He stayed out there while I went to the bin at the front and has just come in. By the amount of mud on him I think he has been digging.

He is now dashing about the conservatory chasing yoghurt pots.

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