Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bed Time

After dinner Rodders settled on his new bed pad and had to be woken up and taken outside to the garden for a piddle at bed time. It took ages as he just sat on the grass for a while but he did eventually perform.

When we came back in OH said goodnight to him and headed upstairs. As I locked up and switched out lights Rodders sat on snuggle fleece but did move in to his bed when asked once he knew I had his treats ready. I said goodnight and closed the crate.

We didn't hear anything until 6.15am, not too bad as OH's alarm would have gone off 15 minutes later anyway.

OH got up and came down to Rodders leaving me to have almost another hour in bed. They had a play and a snuggle, Rodders went out for a piddle, back in for some breakfast and then out for a poo. It has been raining overnight so Rodders was quite wet when he came in.

They both came upstairs to wake me up. After a fuss Rodders was happy to run about with my slippers and check what OH was doing in the bathroom and lapping the water out of the shower tray.

Rodders then came up on the bed with me while OH got dressed & I got licked all over. I then got up so that we could come downstairs and say goodbye to OH.

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