Friday, 2 December 2011

And then I made a cuppa

Rodders moved from snuggle fleece on to his new bed pad and was asleep until I went and made a cuppa.

My sister wanted funny tea which doesn't get used very often in this house so I was searching through the larder cupboard when there was a strange noise, pretty much like when they release all the lottery balls, except instead of 47 I had released 47 million (or it seemed like that many) individual pieces of pearl barley by upending the packet. And it was on the top shelf. And it has gone everywhere.

We quickly shut Rodders out of the kitchen so I could start the mammoth clear up operation, shelf by shelf. Well, it did need tidying up but it really wasn't in my plans for today! As I was clearing up Rodders was initially happy to watch but he got more and more upset at being shut out and wasn't at all impressed once I started using the Dyson. Neither was I when it seemed to stop sucking (OH are you listening) so I had to revert to a dustpan and brush.

It does seem to have woken Rodders up good and proper, he is now playing in the conservatory!

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