Thursday, 1 December 2011

Coming home

As we left the vets Rodders wasn't happy to walk very far as he was in front and he wanted to walk with his pals. We all said goodnight and got in our cars. Rodders had eaten so many Liver Treats that he actually refused a puppy treat as I put him in his crate, thats a first!

We got home and parked up and I got Rodders and his bed out of the car. He seemed happy to be heading home.

Once inside he walked through to the lounge and gave a bark as he spotted OH in there. It soon changed to squeaks of delight and he went up for a fuss.

A nice surprise for me, OH had cleaned and tidied the kitchen :-)

As I got dinner on the table OH played with Rodders and we put some food down for him, he wasn't interested at all and was happy to settle at our feet on snuggle fleece.

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