Thursday, 1 December 2011

Puppy Party number two

As we arrived at the vets for Puppy Party I could see that others were just getting out of their cars. As I opened the back of my car to let Rodders out he started barking and as soon as he was down on the ground he was pulling to get towards Marley and Appa.

We all let the dogs stop and have a sniff hello before walking in the door and we were chatting about how our week had gone.

Once inside we were asked to move straight in to the waiting room so that they could bring an emergency through, this was the first of the night and another followed about an hour later.

Molly arrived a few minutes later and Nicci checked how our weeks had gone and then started to talk about tonights topics. Over the course of the evening we covered neutering, microchipping, feeding, pet insurance and then Nicci went on to answer any questions we had.

While we were all talking we let Appa and Rodders off their leads, Rodders was quite funny as he wasn't sure what to do for a minute. Nicci was sitting there with liver treats and as he started to walk towards her he got to what is normally the end of his lead and stopped and looked at me before realising that he was free to wander.  They were quite happy trotting around sniffing, and going back for Liver Treats, but didn't seem to play much together. After a little while we let Molly and Marley down too. They play much rougher and Rodders wanted to join in and held his own much better this week. When things got too rough he would just go and sit by someones leg for some respite and then go and try again. Towards the end of the evening he just stayed on the outskirts at someones leg.

Appa was the star of the evening though. Nicci did have to rescue him from Marley and Molly at one point but he was soon happy to toddle off and went back behind the chairs. Once he took up a station under one of the chairs he wouldn't let any of the puppies under there with him and barked a warning to them. It was really funny to watch Molly and Marley trying to get to him and make him play, Appa wasn't having any of it and made it very clear. Rodders still needs to learn how to do this but he was paying attention and watching and listening to Appa.

While they were playing Judith, the other nurse, was taking photo's of them to attach to their file.

For the last 15 minutes Nicci threw out toys for the puppies to play with, Molly and Marley had a game of tug and Rodders didn't seem to impressed that the Kong didn't have any kibble in it so went off to find something else to play with.

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